TV presenter ‘arrested on suspicion of raping a child’

According to “The Sun”, a famous TV sports presenter was arrested on allegations of raping a child. The broadcaster was arrested after police raided his apartment early this week. During the operation, authorities confiscated various documents and electronic devices for examination.

After being questioned by detectives, the presenter was detained for 18 hours and then released on bail while investigations continued. The charges against him are of a historical nature and concern a minor who was less than 10 years old at the time of the alleged events.

The allegations indicate that the child was raped multiple times. At the time of committing the alleged crimes, the accused was actively working in the television industry.

A married sports TV presenter was arrested on suspicion of raping a child (Photo: Getty Images)

His employers are believed to have been made aware of the ongoing police investigation, although his colleagues are reported to have been unaware of this until now. The allegations were made recently, prompting a report to the authorities, reports the Mirror.

Following these reports, child abuse officers interviewed the accuser, which led to a formal investigation. As part of the investigation, police are expected to delve into the suspect’s past.

A neighbor spoke to The Sun about the arrest, saying: “The police showed up very early. They took him away and searched him for some time. Everyone is shocked by his arrest.”